Korea Welfare Services Honors Club

Honors Club, a gathering of big sponsors upholding the value of sharing to bring bigger happiness to the underprivileged.


Special benefits for Honors Club

  • Membership ceremony

    Honors Club membership and donation ceremony

  • Certificate plaque and commemorative gift

    Certificate plaque and commemorative gift for new members of Honors Club

  • Customized sponsorship programs

    Sponsorship programs customized to Honors Club members

  • Members’ gathering

    Gathering of like-minded members and invitation to major events

  • Program reporting

    Individual interim and final reporting of sponsorship programs

  • Uploading in newsletter and homepage

    PR of sharing activities on newsletter and homepage

※ Benefits to Honors Club members vary subject to member grade.

Membership procedure

  • Consult on sponsorship

  • Join Honors Club

  • Hold membership ceremony

  • Participate in Honors Club activities

※ Tel : +82-2-552-1014

※ E-mail : plan@kws.or.kr

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