How to join corporate sponsorship

  • Social contribution fund sponsorship

    Korea Welfare Services proposes social contribution activities customized by company. Sponsorship not only brings positive change in needy neighbors' quality of life but also encourages sustainability management of companies through social contribution.

  • Engagement by executives and employees

    Sponsorship by individual executives and employees not only supports neighbors in need but also contributes to creating a warm and positive corporate culture.

    [Examples of sponsorship by executives and employees]
    Wage tail-cut, hands-on volunteering activities, donation on company anniversary, internal fundraising activities, etc.

  • Campaign sponsorship

    You can be a sponsor for Korea Welfare Services' campaign funds. We hope corporate sponsorship serves as a catalyst to further engage the public towards social issues.

    [Examples of campaign sponsorship]
    Campaign to save infants and toddlers, sanitary pad support campaign, emergency support campaign, etc.
  • Public good marketing

    Support neighbors in need by raising sales revenues from company products into funds. Warmhearted sharing activities contribute to building a positive company image.

  • Goods’ donation

    Supply goods to neighbors in need and channel sales revenues generated from bazaar into buying essentials for single-parent families and children in need of care, thereby drive their healthy growth.

    [Examples of goods’ donation]
    Goods for sales at bazaars, childcare goods, etc.

Corporate sponsorship procedures

  • Inquire sponsorship

  • Visit and consult

  • Propose and discuss customized CSR activities

  • Determine activity guidelines

  • Continuously follow up

  • Analyze, assess and report results

  • Implement and promote programs

  • Continue corporate sponsorship

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