Date 2024-05-16
The story of the great student who donated half of his scholarship

The story of the great student who donated half of his scholarship






On the day before Christmas, a boy with a fair complexion, wearing round glasses and a school uniform, came to KWS office. His name was Ju-hyeon Lee, and he was a student at Joongdong High School. He came running to help people considering sponsorship and tell about the struggling neighbors. Let’s briefly hear about his motivation for support and thoughts!



“I will donate half of the scholarship for neglected neighbors if I get one.”

A few days ago, there was a notice about the scholarship program in school. Since it was highly competitive, I prayed every day that I would donate it after applying for the scholarship. Surprisingly, my prayer came true, and I decided to donate it to KWS without hesitation.



“My friends and younger children who are suffering from incurable diseases! Although it is not a massive donation, I donated, hoping it could help you a little. Merry Christmas!”

Many people suffer from inborn disabilities and diseases. Thus, I donated to support the children suffering from incurable diseases. I want it to be a precious Christmas gift, and my heart could be delivered to them.



“I will work harder at school to be the student suitable for donating certificates."

KWS gave The Great Student Donation Certificate to Ju-hyeon Lee, who wants to be a lawyer in the future.








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