Date 2024-05-16
Until the mother of a single-parent family becomes the president of the sponsorship association in Gangwon-do.

Until the mother of a single-parent family

becomes the president of the sponsorship association in Gangwon-do






Q. Please tell us about yourself.

A. My name is Hye-ra Jeong, and I am running a Paris Baguette(The Bakery) store at Daepo Port in Sokcho.


Q. Have you had any difficulties or hardships living as a single-parent family?

A. First of all, I feel sorry for my children. When my house was auctioned off, my eldest was a sophomore, my second was a freshman, and my youngest was six years old. I went to the community office to ask for help because it was sudden. However, they did not believe me because of my beautiful look. After this and that, I only got three months of support and had to leave for the Netherlands to make money. 


Q. Do you have anything to say to struggling single-parent families nationwide?

A. It would help if you lived with a daily commitment to a goal. Have more time with your children, no matter how hard it is







Q. What does it mean to join We the Great Shops, a regular sponsorship campaign for small business owners?

A. Customers will visit us more often if they see the We the Great Shops plaque and know our shop practices sharing. This can also be connected to another sponsorship. Above all, as a small business owner, there aren’t any other reasons not to participate in a campaign with a good intention of regularly donating some parts of sales.


Q. What made you accept the offer as a president of the sponsorship association in Gangwon-do?

A. With the start of donation, I feel grateful for everything and have changed positively. I was only delighted to think it could be used for more good things with KWS.


Q. As the president of the sponsorship association in Gangwondo, please express your aspiration or determination.

A. I want to send teenagers on a trip to a better place with sponsorship. I want children to grow up to be people who can see far ahead. I have my life now because of the many people who helped me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone.




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