Date 2024-04-17
Magpie, Magpie's New Year has arrived

Magpie, Magpie's New Year has arrived



Enjoying folk games·Performing Sebae wearing Hanbok· Grocery shopping and cooking New Year’s food





The Children in Uijeongbu Baby's Home - New Year’s Event!



Children learned to perform sebae wearing beautiful hanboks and play folk games with childhood educators and volunteers. We hope our children's joy as they turn one year older can inspire hope in others.







Gangdong-gu Haegong Senior Center  - rolled up their arms and fried jeon together



Haegong Senior Center shared New Year's foods with low-income seniors in Gangdong-gu. The workers fried the jeon and packed it with rice, fruits, and Seolleongtang(Ox bone soup). They handed it over to the seniors. The campaign was held with precious donations.






Northern Gyeong-gi Baby’s Reception Home  - The Children dressed in Hanbok and got presents!



The children enjoyed a happy New Year, going to the traditional market and tasting traditional cookies and New Year’s foods. In the ‘Let’s Make a Lucky Bag’ program, children performed sebae dressed in Hanbok. The Children experienced a warm holiday with the supporters’ presents






Neulsarang Youth Center  - I am The Chef Too!


The youth girls out of school made New Year's foods together. While cooking like a family, a sense of belonging and intimacy has grown. The girls made meat and vegetable skewers(Sanjeok), Korean meat fritters(Donggeurangttaeng), and Stuffed green chilies (Gochu jeon), which are even difficult to make at home. While making them, the young girls shared their longing for families. We hope the delightful moment of young girls can be delivered to you.




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