Date 2024-04-16
A new addition to the Gyeonggi family!

A new addition to the Gyeonggi family!




We introduce to you the new centers that will carry out welfare projects with Korea Welfare Services.





Pocheon Community Welfare Center / Pocheon Infinite Care Hope Welfare Center



It contributes to the improvement of local welfare through case management for vulnerable and crisis families, service provision, community organization projects, support for activities of the disabled, and operation of the Infinite Care Hope Welfare Center


Pocheon Community Welfare Center boost the well being of neighbors






Gyeonggi-do Independence Support Organization



Gyeonggi-do Independence Support Organization is here to support the safe and healthy self-reliance of the protected children and young people preparing for self-reliance!


We offer various support systems from Economy to Housing, Employment, and Education!






Goyang Senior Club


An excellent institution that has been recognized for its achievements by winning six Ministerial Awards from the Ministry of Welfare in the performance evaluation of the nation's senior citizen employment agencies!


We are developing jobs suitable for senior citizens aged 60 or older and providing them with opportunities for work and public interest activities in the community!





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