Date 2024-04-16
The 100th We the Great Shops opened!

The 100th We the Great Shops opened!





It is the charcoal-grilled pork ribs franchise Myeong Ryun Jinsa Galbi.



On January 23, Korea Welfare Services held a business agreement ceremony with Myeongryundang Co., Ltd. and delivered a signboard to Myeong Ryun Jinsa Galbi, the brand of Myeongryundang Co., Ltd., which joined as 100th We the Great Shops. Myeongryundang is a restaurant franchise company that operates charcoal-grilled pork ribs, Myeong Ryun Jinsa Galbi.


Myeongryundang is participating in social contribution activities with a major keyword ‘Co-Prosperity’! Starting with the first donation in 2019, the cumulative donation amounted to 1.9 billion won as of February 2024. 


On July 23, Myeong Ryundang Jinsa Galbi Yangju Deokjeong branch, Uijeongbu Station branch, and Uijeongbu Singok branch joined the Korea Welfare Services' regular small business owners sponsorship campaign ’We the Great Shops’. And now Myung Ryun Jinsa Galbi opened the 100th We the Great Shops. 


Please look forward to the collaboration of Korea Welfare Services and Myeongryundang Co., Ltd. – Myeong Ryun Jinsa Galbi!




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