Date 2024-04-16
From 1954 to 2024, 70 Years of Companionship

From 1954 to 2024, 70 Years of  Companionship






What is the meaning of the 70 years? Korea Welfare Services celebrates its 70th anniversary in January 2024. The Korea Welfare Services was established to provide safe and warm protection to orphans who suffered loss after the Korean War, and 70 years later, grateful people who share their will have gathered together







KWS Ambassadors who shone in the 70th anniversary event


Ms. Jung-eun Kim joined the KWS Ambassadors by participating in A a campaign to help children in 2001 and has been with us since then. She is always there to help single-parent families and disabled people. Starting with a wedding congratulatory money donation in 2019, Ms. Ja-hyun Choo now promotes a campaign to save infants and toddlers. Mr. Chun-sik Moon, who served as the MC for events such as bazaar and Mr. Bo-sung Kim, Badboss, Mr. Seong-ho Yoon, Mr. Jeon-gwi Eo, and ARUM joined us






A Beautiful parade of sponsors. 


A member of the Royal Honors Club The CEO of social enterprise, Majungmul Relief Drivers, Gyung-hoon Jang. Members of Honors Club Mrs. Jin-suk Jang, Mr. Seung-kyu Kim Sponsor Co. BAT Rothmans, CJ ENM Sponsor Mr. Chang-hwa Oh, Mr. Min-seok Yu Ms. Jeong-soon Seong gave love for nearly 30 years as a foster mother! Thank you sincerely to everyone who attended the 70th anniversary celebration




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