Date 2024-02-01
Children who received heartwarming gifts for Christmas of 2023


Children who received heartwarming gifts for Christmas of 2023



Ms. Saem Mool Jung, director of Jung Saem Mool Beauty, has continued supporting children in institutional care at Christmas time for 7 years since she started off with her backup in 2017. Thanks to her, many institutions affiliated to our corporation have been able to present Christmas gifts to the children and throw the Christmas party for them~!




Gwangju Baby’s Reception Home




For all our children dreaming that Santa Claus in his red clothes would appear out of the blue, it is quite happy a moment to have a chance to meet him every year. They seem to watch out for each other for getting gifts as early as possible, while they are anxious to open the gift packages any time. All the staff members of the institution feel happy to see every boisterous party bustling with the upbeat children.



Ehwa Babies’ Home





Santa Claus paid a surprise visit to our children while they create book art works with their mothers and siblings looking back on the year 2023 and were occupied in taking part in the presentation session. The children were happy to have the personal gifts which they had wished to receive for Christmas and looked so cute when they opened up their gift packages and made a boast of theirs to one another





Amsa Rehabilitation Center





The executives and staff members of Brand Refactoring and Dominate Co. visited Amsa Rehabilitation Center. They shared the heartsome hours decorating the Christmas tree and making Christmas cards together with the severely disabled children. Since it was a special Christmas, the happy feelings would linger till the end of the year 2023



Uijeongbu baby’s Reception Home





The executives and staff members of K-BIZ SME Love Sharing Foundation paid a surprise visit, bringing gifts with them. One of them put up the Christmas tree, while the others wrapped the gifts. Coming home from Dotori School (a school where children over 18 months old play together in groups), the children saw the tree and gifts waiting to meet them and got uproarious in a frantic mood yelling, “Uncle!”







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