Date 2023-12-26
The children of our babies’ reception home have changed!

Love works miracles

The children of our babies’ reception home have changed!

miki powder pots


◯ What kind of children check into the babies’ reception home?

 Children aged 0 to 18 are enrolled in Northern Gyeonggi Babies’ Reception Home of Korea Welfare Services located in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do. It is notable that more than 80% of them are abused children who have been exposed to physical, emotional, sexual, or neglectful abuse and separated inevitably to be taken into the care of this institution. 

 Having suffered uneasiness and depression psychologically and emotionally, most of the abused children ended up going through such a variety of ordeals as a sense of low self-esteem, difficulty in controlling emotion, nutritional imbalance, and the like in spite of themselves. 

 Sufficient nutrition in line with children’s development stages is not supplied in their birth families, and thus they come to suffer from diseases and be poorly nourished. Furthermore, many of them turn out to be poor in cognitive function and retarded in development as they have not been properly educated for their age due to their rearers’ negligence. It is commonplace that these children wear diapers though they are already elementary schoolers because they were not given bowel training fully.


 Like this, the problems with the growth and development of children in institutional care emerge diversely in terms of body, emotion, and cognition. The government subsidies were far from enough for purchasing special powdered milk tailored to diseases and diapers of various sizes after spending them to buy clothes, shoes, food, and so on. 


diapers of various sizes

baby bottle cleaning supplies, etc 


◯ The childcare conditions in the babies’ reception home are better than before thanks to our supporters.

 The costliest item among the necessary supplies for little children is diaper! Various sizes of diapers should come in handy because the time of incoming children’s entrance and their age are not predictable at all in the light of the nature of a babies’ reception home.  

 The heartwarming donation funds delivered by our supporters enabled the purchase of diapers of various sizes that would fit the newly coming children whose age and development levels might be different from each other. Now it is possible to provide diapers of the right size even though a child in any age group checks in out of the blue. 

 Moreover, our children can live a more comfortable life as the child-rearing articles including powdered milk pots, wet tissues, fabric conditioners, and toilet rolls are being purchased. The children living in the care of the babies’ reception home are expected to feel at ease psychologically and grow up in good shape physically and mentally. 


nursey night light 


◯ Here are the comments made by the social workers dedicating themselves to looking after the children of the babies’ reception home.

 - social worker OO Lee: I felt so good when I put good-quality diapers on our children. With the diapers replaced, their skin does not fester any more. It is also nice that a baby can be bottle-fed without disturbing other babies’ sleep as the nursery night lights were replaced with the soothing ones. I am naturally pleased to see the little children sleeping in comfort. 


- social worker OO Kim: Our babies’ reception home is a place in which many little children live together and accordingly, the commodities should be replaced often as they are used repeatedly. Thanks to our supporters, feeding bottles and bottle brushes that are indispensable for the children were replaced with new ones. It is far more hygienic for me to bottle-feed them with clean commodities.


- social worker OO Yang: When there are many newborns, I am sometimes busy heating water at the optimum temperature and filling their bottles with it. Now that the new powdered milk pots recently purchased are available, I feel so good because I can bottle-feed them timely, Now I am able to make eye contact and interact with babbling babies before and while I feed them. The donated child-rearing commodities lead to the increase of the hours of interacting with the pretty little children and are of great help to their development.

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