Date 2023-12-26
Get together, youths preparing self-reliance!

[the youths preparing self-reliance]

Support project for the youths preparing self-reliance

Get together, youths preparing self-reliance!


 What are youths preparing self-reliance?

 Youths preparing self-reliance signify those who live on by themselves after checking out of child welfare facilities (orphanages, group homes, and foster families) where they were protected until the age of 18. It is not a familiar nomen yet. However, approximately 2,400 youths preparing self-reliance come out in the world every year and get ready to rely on themselves.


 BAT Rothmans’ donation

 BAT Rothmans has been practicing social contribution for 8 years since it joined together with Korea Welfare Services in 2016. Following last year, the enterprise signed the partnership agreement this year again with a view of supporting youths preparing self-reliance as well as single-parent families and made a donation of 60 million won.


 The donated funds are to be used for the expenses of job placement education, schooling assistance, urgent livelihood, self-help gatherings, vocational training of single-parent families, career development, and so on in a bid to support the youths preparing self-reliance who are in connection with Korea Welfare Services.


 Holding the self-help gathering of the youths preparing self-reliance

 Last August, the self-help gathering of the youths preparing self-reliance took place.


 During the self-help gathering, the programs which could be actually helpful to the youths preparing self-reliance including the lecture given by Da-hui Kim, a self-supporting senior working at social enterprise Weconomy and the mentoring for working as campaigners by Seon Shin, a self-supporting senior working as a social activist, were carried out.


 From the interview with a self-supporting senior youth

 Lecturer Da-hui of social enterprise Weconomy helping youths preparing self-reliance stand up for themselves


 “Since 2013, social enterprise Weconomy has not only provided the high-quality education and the customized consulting service to institutions and corporations, but also carried out the practical education to intensify the capability of self-reliance and the customized consultation for the sake of such future generations as adolescents.”


 “I also used to be a youth preparing self-reliance, so I felt like letting my juniors know of ‘the housing support system’ on the basis of my past experiences. Because we can lead a stable life once the housing problem is settled first of all.”


 “Most of all, warm attention and support of the government, local governments, and enterprises are essential for the entire independence of youths preparing self-reliance. Youths preparing self-reliance do not need to be fearful nor discouraged. I bet you can make your own way through life tall in the saddle. You can make it.”


 From the Interviews with youths preparing self-reliance 


 A youth in his early twenties preparing self-reliance in the fourth year

 Min-seo Kim, a job applicant (fictitious name)

 “Those who can not only give financial assistance, but also sympathize with solitude we feel and interact with us when we are in need of help are more required. In that sense, this self-help gathering meant a lot to me.”


 A youth in her early twenties preparing self-reliance in the third year

 Ji-soo Park, an undergraduate (fictitious name)

 “It is most important to get a house to live in. I am living in the school dormitory right now, and still I am concerned over the housing problem following my graduation. It was hard for me to gain access to the information on the housing issue by myself. I fell into thinking that this opportunity might enable me to work out the distress in a practical way.”




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