Date 2023-12-26
Newly appointed sharing ambassadors of Korea Welfare Services 2023 are hereunder presented.

Sharing Ambassadors of Korea Welfare Services

Newly appointed sharing ambassadors of Korea Welfare Services 2023 are hereunder presented. 


 In the third quarter of this year, Korea Welfare Services appointed four figures to be its sharing ambassadors.

 The sharing ambassadors of Korea Welfare Services are expected to be committed to staging a variety of campaigns and developing activities.


 (left) comedian Sung Ho Yun  (right) pop artist Badboss

 Badboss signing the appointment paper 


 Badboss as a pop artist was awarded in two international art exhibition contests held in Japan recently, winning the gold medal in ‘Master’s Great Tokyo Exhibition’ and the grand prize in ‘Shininten’. His major art works include ‘30 Cans of Richam’, ‘Rabbit of Hope’, ‘Pop Art Dalma’, ‘Dosan Ahn Chang Ho’, and ‘The Last Princess in Joseon D.H.’ which is the portrait of Princess Deok-hye. Badboss has been doing good continuously, donating the proceeds from selling his art works to the children suffering from incurable diseases and the social organizations. He has lately joined in doing public activities in a bid to give support to the self-reliance of those having developmental disability. 


 Making his debut as a comedian of the 16th recruited KBS entertainers in 2001, Sung Ho Yun currently communicates with the public at large on YouTube channel ‘Brother Bbakgu’. On the day the ceremony for appointing the sharing ambassadors of Korea Welfare Services was held, he said a few words. “As I became familiar with the public by sharing laugh, so I want to have more communication by sharing gaiety.”


 Chun-sik Moon made his debut as a comedian of the 10th recruited MBC entertainers in 1999 and is now hosting an MBC radio program entitled ‘Jung Seon Hee and Moon Chun-sik’s Radio Days Now’. In an effort to help make a better world, he runs YouTube channel ‘Moon Chun-sik Living to Help’ on which he does interesting and useful activities (Plogging, Children of Low-Income Families Making Wishes, and Mukbang Introducing Cost-Effective Restaurants) in the High-Price Times). We would like to recommend that you try to visit his channel on which many kinds of videos are uploaded every week. 

Comedian Chun-sik Moon 


 Riding high rise bicycles for more than 40 years, President Jeon-gui Eo defiantly run across the country and through the whole courses of mountains multiple times. He rose to fame, appearing on the broadcasting programs more than 400 times. Last February, he donated the bicycles and bike accessories worth about 20 million won to Korea Welfare Services for the sake of 10 elementary and middle schoolers of low-income families.


 My father who delivered bags of rice for a living let me ride his cargo bicycle for the first time when I was five years old. When I was 15 years old, I bought and rode my bicycle. I began to ride an athlete cycle in 1979 and was enrolled in a professional team as one of the first Saemaeul athlete cyclists in 1980. Riding on the high rise bicycles, I got injured and survived a crisis innumerable times. I had hope in mind while going through painstaking rehabilitation treatment and I never stopped making a challenge. As a result, I ended up being able to build my own business and turn my mind to my neighborhood.


 (left) Jeon-gui Eo holding the Guinness World Record as the highest riding cyclist        (right) Dae Sung Kang, President of Korea Welfare Services

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