Date 2023-12-26
“I wanted to make a difference by celebrating the day Ee-jun was born.”

 “I wanted to make a difference by celebrating the day Ee-jun was born.”

 Korea Welfare Services currently wages the ‘Sharing on a Happy Day’ campaign all the year round, so one can celebrate the happiest day in his life by making a donation. 

 In May, 2023, the parents and grandparents of Ee-jun Yang donated 5 million won in celebration of his first birthday. Here is the story of the supporters who joined with us in the campaign in a bid to share the special moment with the neighborhood in a difficult situation.


 Q1. Hello, Ee-jun’s mother. We thank you for joining in this sharing campaign. Would you introduce Ee-jun and your family as well?

 Hi, I am the mother of my loving son, Ee-jun who celebrated his first birthday in May this year. We are a family of three, my husband, my son, and me living together.


 Q2. How did Korea Welfare Services come to your attention initially?

 On the one hundredth day after my child was born, I abruptly felt like doing something different and meaningful as a gift for him. Then I saw a post put up on Instagram by a supporter who had made a donation to Korea Welfare Services in celebration of an anniversary. This is how I was first connected to Korea Welfare Services.


 Q3. It’s probable that the first birthday of one’s first child is a truly meaningful anniversary when its parents feel moved to do anything for the child. What brought you to make a donation instead?

 As Ee-jun was born and we became parents, the views we used to have about children changed a lot in the way those of many others did. All children brought into the world are noble beings who deserve to be loved and protected. However, it was a real shame that we sometimes heard other disagreeable stories. My husband and I were inclined to help children who were under unfavorable conditions so that they might be loved and protected under any better circumstances. 

 Of course, we were in the mood to throw a party to celebrate his first birthday. Having dinner with our immediate family members, though, was likely to be enough for the celebration. We thought it might be better, if anything, to do something meaningful that would be memorable for ages. Ee-jun’s grandfather and grandmother endorsed the intention thankfully. So we decided to make a donation, hoping that he would grow into a person lending a hand to his neighbors.


 Q4. Do you have any further plan to continue donation?

 Yes, I do. Donation is one of the ways of loving the community which we live in and its members. I want to make my son be aware of it and experience it in a natural way. Most of all, I want him to realize the value of donation personally.


 Q5. Would you say something to those who are giving deep thought on the donation on anniversary days?

 To start with, making a donation on an anniversary makes my impressive feelings linger far longer than holding the first-birthday party. 

 And I am looking forward to the day when Ee-jun will grow up more and I will be telling him what my family did on his first birthday. So I think the donation on an anniversary creates a good chance for all family to reminisce the special day more meaningfully and longer.


 Korea Welfare Services’ ‘Sharing on a Happy Day’ campaign 

 The day you made a family, the day you took your first step into the community..

 Why don’t you reminisce the special and joyful day in your life more happily by making a donation for the sake of underprivileged groups.


 We will send you the certificate of donation with your photograph in.

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