Explore and support the best solutions for children’s future

Protection by foster home

Select and educate foster homes for child care

Full love and protection at home have a positive influence in a child’s future.

In particular, close observation of a child with a disability or disease at home can lead to early detection of symptoms and medical treatment.

Support healthy growth of a child with love from foster parents

  • Support goods for childcare (powdered milk, diapers, boys, clothes, etc.)
  • Regular medical check and vaccination
  • Books and textbooks for children by age

Protection from facilities

Support to ensure safe and healthy growth of children living in protection facilities due to neglect, abuse, sick parents, abandonment, etc.

  • Protection and care for infants, toddlers and children
  • Medical support : medical check, vaccination, regular physical development check and consultation with doctor
  • Education support : speech therapy, learning by playing, learning from experiencing nature, sociability development, etc.
  • Support for psychological, emotional well-being : emotional development, psychotherapy, cultural activities, etc.

Early treatment

Support golden time to ensure healthy growth of children through proactive diagnosis and treatment intervention by medical professionals in case a child in need is diagnosed with disease, disorder, developmental delay, etc.

  • Development and health check, medical support
  • Support program facilitating development, special treatment(speech therapy, play therapy, art therapy, etc.), affective bonding, education on child development
Go to program supporting diagnosis of infant/toddler development and early treatment

How relieved that Minwoo has loving foster parents.

Minwoo who was born prematurely and weighed only 1.74kg went into the arms of foster parents at two months. With the loving care of foster parents, Minwoo is growing with smiles on his face.

Foster parents found back their smile while taking care of Minwoo. Caring after babies who are waiting to be adopted just like Minwoo requires a lot of work and thus help and support from the surroundings.

Please support babies left alone and let them have a brighter future.

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